Salem NH Local History

Salem NH Local History

The below collections highlight a variety of digital history resources for NH. For even more, visit the Local History page on our website.

Salem New Hampshire History - Rockingham Park

The "Rock" was a horse racing track located in Salem NH.  This collection includes televised interviews with former "Rock" employees, conducted by Larry Seaman and produced for the local television show, "Around The Town". The horse racing photos of Leslie Jones during the "Rocks" heyday of the 1930s are available, also. Lastly, news coverage of the devastating fire of 1980 complete this collection.

Veterans of Salem New Hampshire: A Historical Collection

Veteran's Of Salem New Hampshire: A Historical Collection offers a unique view into the men and women from Salem NH. Discover the history of American Legion Post. 63. Explore the lives of the veterans who have had Veterans Markers placed around town. Delve into World War I through the photo journal of Harold Telfer.

Salem New Hampshire History - Canobie Lake Park

This anthology includes postcards from the early days of Canobie Lake Park. The park was originally created as a trolley destination.  Also included are articles and videos about the park's history.

America's Stonehenge - Salem New Hampshire

America's Stonehenge,Salem New Hampshire: A Historical Collection offers a unique view into interesting artifacts found on the Pattee property in North Salem. Discover its history through the men and women who've researched and explored this site.  Read various ideas and theories of the people who lived, worked and worshiped at this site.

Salem New Hampshire History

This collection offers annual town reports, photos, maps, audios, videos, magazines and more of the early history of Salem NH. The wide variety of photos include early residents & residences, libraries and businesses. The 1970's audios are interviews with long time residents. These interviews were called Project Perpetuate" and became part of "At the Edge of Megalopolis", a book of Salem NH History. The videos include Salem's 250th anniversary events, Salem NH Historical Society's programs and "Around the Town", a Salem Community Television program (SCTV-17). SCTV-17 filmed and produced all of these programs and events. Two magazines included were published from the late 1880's through the early 1920's. The first, The Granite Monthly is a New Hampshire magazine devoted to history, biography, literature, and state progress. The second is .The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. It is the flagship journal of American genealogy and the oldest in the field, focusing on authoritative compiled genealogies.

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